Advanced solution for an easy-to-use and robust 4D Flow Image Analyses

Intuitive analysis of patient’s cardiovascular system


Comprehensible visualization:

● 3D + time representation

● 2D + time Sagittal, Coronal, and axial views with both               anatomical and phase contrast images

● Access to all views at a glance

● Multiple visualization options : anatomical, flow, by                  vessel, …


All-your-need toolbox:

● Simple navigation through images

● User-friendly interface designed ease the access to
   QIR-4D many features

● Flexible set of features to split and smooth the vessels
   into their correct geometries

● Multiple cross-sections options to visualize and quantify         local flows


Pre-processing based on cutting-edge technology:

● Automated Eddy current correction to ensure a                       robust assessment of hemodynamic parameters


Complete analysis including:

● Systolic vessel automatic segmentation

● Centerline automatic tracing

● Pulse-Wave velocity assessment 

● Wall-Shear-Stress assessment

● Vorticity assessment

● Kinetic Energy and Energy Loss assessment


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