2201, 2019

La France se mobilise pour soigner l’insuffisance cardiaque.


In this photograph taken on December 18, 2017, seven year old French child Anais, who has to undergo heart surgery to cure a congenital Atrial septal defect, is taken care of by a team of anaesthetists including the lead doctor (C) as she arrives for her surgery at an operating theatre at The Marie Lannelongue Hospital at Le Plessis-Robinson south of Paris. - The intervention is being undertaken by a Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery team of the hospital in Le Plessis-Robinson which specialises in thoracic and cardiovascular surgeries, and congenital heart diseases. (Photo by THOMAS SAMSON / AFP)

2409, 2018



We will be glad to introduce the version 2.3 of QIR at the booth number 132 of the JFR 2018 congress.